Lithuanian keyboard layout for QNX 6.2 OS



 lt_LT_numeric – Lithuanian numeric keyboard

The most widely used layout at the moment. Lithuanian letters occupy and replace numbers in  upper row of keyboard. Use of Alt Gr key often eliminates need switch between layouts.

Symbols in green are entered via pressing Right ALT (i.e   Alt Gr) + key with the symbol (“+“means they have to be pressed together) Symbols at the top of the keys are entered correspondingly pressing  Shift + Alt Gr +  key with the symbol . Key  Alt Gr “opens“ numbers, combination Shift + Alt Gr – symbols above numbers. For example:  for entering " 5" one must press  Alt Gr + 5  and  for entering "%"  press Shift + Alt Gr + % .

 lt_LT_standard –  Lithuanian standard keyboard

New standard for Lithuanian keyboard was introduced recently.Symbols in green are entered exactly the same as described in previous example of  Lithuanian Numeric. Special note: in this layout the "dot" in numeric keyboard is replaced by "comma" For example: in Lithuanian numbers are separated as 99,9 in english variant  99.9

In both keyboards there are no special  "opening" and "closing" quotation marks.  Meanwhile they both are replaced with standard  " symbol.

Keyboard installation

I created simplest installer. It simply adds necessary .kbd files to photon directory.  


After installation in  shelf "Localisation"->"keyboard" can see LT_Numeric and LT_Standard at the end of the list.


These layouts work only in Photon - tested in Abiword editor and Mozilla.

Best regards,

Linas Kavaliauskas,